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Dorothy Jasnoch – Illustrator and Author of Frankie the Bunny and other books

Dorothy Jasnoch, author, illustrator of children books, who has written colorful and deeply meaningful series of stories “Frankie the Bunny and his friends”.

     The author and her series are the winners of the European competition “Fairytale World in non- Fairytale Reality”. Following this success Frankie the Bunny,was published in cooperation with European Foundation for  Child- Victim of Road Accidents-“Come Back” in Jantar 2008. Netting thousands of dollars to assist in the treatment of childhood conditions.

The books have proven a great success for the author and joy for the readers.

   The heroes of the stories are the animals from both healthy and “unhealthy” worlds who, who by forming the closest cordial ties show that there is only one world: the world of friends with open hearts. Compassion, helpfulness and dedication to each other are their only super-power. The stories though for children carry a deep spiritual and integration message and can be enjoyed by both, parents and children together. It is an excellent book to pass quality time and learn. The heroes break seemingly unbreakable boundaries frequently covered by the sanctity of taboos.

      The author and illustrator, who lives in Texas with her inspirations- her two children, a cat and a dog, using characters and narrative logical to children cleverly depict the world of adults they will one day be a part of. Animated illustrations accompanied by subtle  but vibrant narrative gently take the reader inside the heart of the story. It is a timeless journey with a chance to enjoy and reflect.

     It would mean the world to Frankie if you would like to be his friend; he surely wants to be yours. Making you smile makes him happy.

Photo of Teodozja C. Ravicka
i TEo Teodozja C. Rawicka, creative art director for Owl About Books publishing

Teodozja has been a graphic designer for more than 20 years. All of our books are designed using her extensive creative experience – designing graphical layout for all our books, posters, logos, including promotional materials such as marketing brochures, flyers, banners, for digital and traditional print. She received her MA History of Art from the Jagellonian University (founded AD 1324), Krakow, Poland.

Photo of Jose A. Saldivar
Author – Website developer, multimedia designer and technical assistant for publication

Jose is an author, Owl About Books website developer, multimedia designer and technical assistant for publication –

    Jose has been a public educator for more than 15 years. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UT Arlington and a Master of Education from TCU. He lives in Texas with his wife Silvia, daughter Camila, son Blake, a quirky parrot named “Savvy” and two cats. He has traveled to many parts of the world – walked into the ancient ruins of the Roman Colosseum in Rome, climbed to the mist-shrouded ruins of the Incan mysteries of Machu Picchu in Peru, ascended up on the windblown Tour Eiffel in Paris, stood under the shadow of London’s Big Ben – just to name a few of his traveling adventures. His favorite city so far is Florence, Italy. Besides traveling, reading, and writing, he also enjoys music and painting.

Photo Of Juan A. Reyes
Juan A. Reyes, Public Relations/Book Promotions

Juan is a retired United States Air Force Master Sergeant, having served over 21 years in the medical field as an Independent Duty Medical Technician and in various facets as a health care programs and resources manager.  As a father of four children he and his wife Meg are busy with their many activities.  Juan’s travels have taken him from many places in Europe to Africa and South West Asia where he has experienced the beauty of many of the countries in those regions.  His favorite by far has been Spain. Currently Juan is working with our team to promote and market Owl About Books through a variety of medias.

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